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    The best PTE preparation classes in Australia

    You have completed your degree, graduated with flying colors, and are now ready to take the next important step of your career and life in Australia, i.e., start your Professional Year (PY) course! One of the mandatory requirements for starting your PY course is providing an English test result such as PTE – A (Pearson Test of English Academic). If you are thinking about how you can get your desired results in your first go, we have the answer. We can assist in enrolling you with the best PTE preparation classes in Australia, where you will get all the tips and tricks to ace your exams.

    PTE – A is a test that assesses a candidate’s English language proficiency across fours skills – Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. In the past five years, PTE – A has gained immense popularity globally among candidates wishing to prove their language efficiency for various purposes. It is a two-hour computer-based test with results published within five business days of the test date.

    As difficult as you may find it, you can ace your PTE – A test in your first attempt with proper guidance and preparation. Our partner provider assists prospective candidates like you to achieve your PTE goals by creating a structured preparation plan customized according to your study needs. Moreover, they only advise you to take the minimum number of classes required to get your desired result.

    So why choose professionalyear.com.au for PTE – A preparation classes?

    We understand that not every individual is alike and different candidates will need different study plans to achieve their desired results. Our partner provider also recognizes this and offers the following:

    Conduct an initial assessment of your English skills.
    Understand your score goals and advise a customized study plan.
    Assign a dedicated mentor to assist throughout the study period.
    Track your improvement as the course progresses.
    Offer structured question bank with latest exam questions
    Provide mock tests every week
    Conduct extensive classes before the exam

    You can choose to attend a face-to-face class or study online at your convenience. The face-to-face classes are available in five cities in Australia – Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Adelaide. Every centre in these cities features:

    Fully equipped PTE lab
    Personalized training
    Intensive exam support
    Hybrid learning options

    All the classes are run by highly trained professionals and industry leaders. The focus is on improving your communication skills, applying exam strategies that work, and relying on your abilities to ace your test. You will have access to your lecture portals 24/7, meaning you can study anytime at your convenience. You can also choose to have a personalized session with your tutor to review your progress and discuss any specific issues you may have. When needed, you will also be provided with special practice materials to hone your skills in a targeted area.

    It is not difficult to get your desired score on the PTE test if you follow a well-formulated practice plan. With us, you can study with one of Australia’s leading PTE coaching institutes whose mission is to help students like you achieve their PTE goals. You will get individual attention and feedback to excel at your test among numerous other enrolled candidates. So, are you ready to enroll at the best PTE institute? Just leave us a message, and our team will contact you soon with more details.

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