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Professional Internship Program

Take the first step towards your dream job. 

Whether you are undertaking a degree course or have completed your degree, it takes more than an educational qualification to get into the highly competitive Australian job market. You need that Australian workplace exposure to have that competitive edge over other applicants. Professional Internship Program is such a program which will assist you in bridging this gap and gain valuable work experience to kick start your career

Be more than ‘job-ready’ by joining the Professional Internship Programs.

Considering your career aspirations, area of expertise, training needs and relevant work experience, you will be placed with the right host company matching your profile. The total duration of this program is 16 weeks out of which you will spend 12 weeks working in your nominated profession.

The Professional Internship Program not only gives you the opportunity to apply your university learning in the real-world but also assists you in developing required effective workplace habits, acquire new skills and grow your industry network.

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Program Inclusion 

  • A dedicated Placement Advisor that will provide career advice and guidance throughout the program
  • Resume writing & coaching session
  • Interactive interview prep workshop
  • Official Training Agreement
  • 12-week internship placement in your chosen profession
  • Placement into a perfectly suited host organisation with appointed mentors 
  • Structured evaluation process with regular reviews
  • Certificate of Accomplishment on successful completion of the program
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance for the duration of the placement


The Professional Internship Program is specifically designed for aspiring graduates like. We understand how competitive the job market is for fresh graduates and that is why we work with leading Australian organisations to give the break that your career needs.

Typical benefits of this program are listed below:

  • Gain Australian experience in your profession
  • Develop communication skills
  • Opportunity to apply your knowledge to a real workplace
  • Explore your future career path
  • Add relevant experience onto your resume
  • Build a professional business network
  • Gain references and endorsements

The Professional Internship Program is increasingly gaining popularity amongst recent graduates as more interns are being offered employment opportunities by their host companies. Getting your first job as a graduate is made that much easier.

If you want to have a competitive edge over your fellow graduates, then the Professional Internship Program is for you. 

Take charge of your career and don’t leave your future to chance. You’ll have the best opportunity to reach your professional aspirations with Professional Internship Program. 

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