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Professional Year Course+Extra 5 points

Professional Year in IT (ACS)

Price: From $6700
Duration: 44 weeks-50 weeks
Location: Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Canberra
  • Completed a recognised IT degree in Australia (Bachelors or Masters)
  • Obtained or applied for a Graduate Visa (subclass 485) with a minimum 12 months validity
  • Have a valid minimum PTE-A score of 50 no less than 50 or IELTS (3 years valid) score of 6.0 no less than 6.0, in all 4 competencies, or equivalent
Price: From $4000
Duration: 44 weeks-50 weeks
Location: Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin, Perth, Canberra
  • Completed a recognized Accounting degree in Australia (Bachelors or Masters)
  • Obtained or applied for a Graduate Visa (subclass 485) with a minimum 12 months validity
  • Have a valid minimum PTE-A score of 50 no less than 50 or IELTS (3 years valid) score of 6.0 no less than 6.0, in all 4 competencies, or equivalent

Professional Year in Engineering (EEA)

Price: From $15200
Duration: 44 weeks-50 weeks
Location: Sydney, Melbourne , Adelaide
  • A recognized bachelor or master qualification in Engineering from an Australian Institution. For training visa holders (476) relevant Australian qualification is not required.
  • IELTS overall score of 6 no less than 6 or PTE-A overall score of 50 with no band less than 50 or equivalent.
  • Bridging Visa (485) or a skilled graduate temporary visa (subclass 485)
  • Must hold a Migration Skills Assessment outcome letter from Engineers Australia

Professional Year in Accounting (SMIPA)

Initiated by the Department of Home Affairs and developed CPA Australia, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and the Institute of Public Accountants, the Accounting Professional Year Program helps the accounting graduates gain a better understanding of Australian workplace culture and develop skills and training they need to start their accounting career.

CPA Australia
chartered accountants australia
Institue of  public accountants

Professional Year in IT

Developed by the Australian Computer Society (ACS), the IT Professional Year course aims to provide Australian IT graduates with the skills and training needed to start their career.

australian computer society

Professional Year in Engineering

Engineering Professional Year course is developed by Engineering Education Australia (EA), the training division of Engineers Australia. The program comprises of training and an engineering internship placement with the host companies to provide a pathway to the engineering graduates to launch their career Australia.

Institution of Engineers, Australia
engineering education australia

Frequently Asked Questions about Professional Year

What is a Professional Year course?

The Professional Year (PY) Program is designed for international accounting, information technology and engineering graduates to pave a pathway into the Australian workforce and increase their employability. It is a job-ready program that equips you with the skills necessary to launch a successful career in Australia. Completing the course also grants you with 5 points towards your permanent residence (PR) application.

What are the advantages of studying Professional Year Course?

Professional Year Courses are specifically designed to enhance the employability of international graduates wishing to work in Australia. Each course integrates business communication and business culture training with career development skills to help students achieve their goal of working in their field in Australia.

Completing the Professional Year Course comes with several perks:

  • You will be eligible to claim 5 migration points towards your permanent residency (PR) application.
  • The program will assist you in making a smooth transition from student life to professional life.
  • The PY program assists you in developing professional communication skills as well as enhance your knowledge of Australian workplace and work culture.
  • You will have an opportunity to work in a real work-place setting during your internship period.
  • The program will assist in enhancing your career prospects in your field of education.
  • You will have a great networking opportunity with industry professionals and peers.
Do I get any migration points after I finish the course?

Yes, After the completion of the PY course, graduates can claim five (5) points towards their residency application as specified by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA).

Do I need my skill assessed before studying Professional Year Course?

Positive skills assessment is required from Engineers Australia to start Engineering PY courses. You are not required to have a skill assessment to start IT  and Accounting PY course.

Will completing the PY course help me to gain employment in my profession?

By completing the PY course, you will develop additional employability skills that Australian employers seek in the graduates. The internship component embedded in the course provides you with an opportunity to work with reputed host companies and pave a pathway to a successful career.  Depending upon your performance, the host company may offer you a job after completion of the internship. This experience also is a great value-addition to your CV.

Am I eligible to enrol in Professional Year courses?

Professional Year course is offered to the international graduates of Accounting, Information Technology and Engineering programs from Australia. Engineering graduates who have completed their degree at a recognised institution outside Australia are also eligible to join the Professional Year Program in engineering if they hold a Skilled – Recognised Graduate (Temporary) Visa (Subclass 476).

Can I complete the program in less than 44 weeks?

No. The duration of the Program has been determined by the governing bodies and you must adhere to their specific guidelines.

Can I take leave from the program?

Yes, it may be possible to take a leave of absence from the program. Please remember that the leave must be approved by your provider and you will be required to make up any missed subjects or assessments. Your graduation date may also be pushed back.

What is the attendance requirement for the Program?

Participants are required to attend 100% of classes.

Which PY course provider should I choose?

A number of providers offer Professional Year programs and it may be confusing for you to make the decision. Our team will assist you in choosing the best fit provider depending upon your career aspirations. Some of the important aspects to consider when making the decision are:

  • The range of host employers offered by the provider for your internship
  • The reputation of the provider
  • Recommendations from students and recent graduates
  • Employment outcomes of recent graduates
  • Support offered to the international programs
  • Cost of the Program
Do I need to disclose reasons why I may not be able to complete the course in the time allocated?

Yes. If for any reason you think you may not be able to graduate with your cohort, or you become aware of circumstances that may prevent you from graduating while studying the course, you must inform your provider as soon as possible and make alternative arrangements with them.

Can I complete my internship either before the classwork or whilst I’m attending classes?

No. You must complete the classwork prior to starting your internship.

Do I have to source my own internship?

Your provider will arrange an internship for you with a suitable host employer. However, if you are already employed in a relevant accounting role, you can request to complete your internship with the same company. You need to seek approval of your provider as well as your current company to undertake the internship. The appropriate checks and site visits must be conducted by your provider before approval can be granted.

You can also source your own internship, however, your provider must approve of this before you can start.

I have less than 12 months left on my 485 visa. Can I start the PY course?

No. The minimum visa duration requirement is 12 months to be eligible to enrol for the PY course.

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