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    PTE is one of the world’s leading providers of secure English language tests. PTE is created as a partnership with thousands of teachers around the world to help pinpoint students’ language ability, and developed artificial intelligence systems that automate English language assessment.​

    Why PTE academic?

    PTE Academic is a two-hour test session and it is a trusted and computer-based test. It is accepted around the world by governments, universities and professional bodies. The results get published within 48 hours and have flexible test dates and allow booking at the last-minute. It gives you the better test experience with two-hour computer-based exam, friendly test environment, and straight forward booking.

    PTE classes

    PTE Academic is the fast, fair, and flexible English test approved for university and visa applications. The English language should be advanced according to your education and experience.

    After finishing your Bachelor/Masters degree, the main evaluation begins with mostly your English test score and GPA score in Australia .Graduated students need a higher PTE test result for starting their career. PTE test is very crucial for new graduated student in every step like:

    i. Lodging temporary resident visa

      -Minimum requirement of IELTS 6 and 5.5 on each band or PTE 50 with 36 on each band

    ii.Professional year course

     -Minimum requirement of IELTS 6 on each band and PTE 46 on each band

    Iii.For Permanent residency

     – PTE is the iron wall for your permanent residency so prepare yourself earlier

    PTE classes are a combination of studying and practicing material on Speaking, Writing, Reading, Listening. Be a step ahead and use your time wisely on your duration of temporary resident visa. PTE is all about getting along with PTE materials, practicing, and learning about the vocabulary. PTE classes focus on

    1. Study and practicing PTE materials

    2. Access to vocabulary

    3. Focus on your weakest section of PTE

    4. Access to important and quality materials

    5. Practise on mock test environment

    6. Get feedback on your performance and mock test results

    7. Get tips and tricks for achieving superior score

    As an international student PTE is a key thing in each and every step of  your career. The English language test is required to Accounting, Engineer, and Information technology graduates for their temporary visa application and professional year course. For this, enrolling into the PTE classes and material gives you the opportunity to get your desired score at once. PTE classes and practice focuses on an individual’s desired score and evaluation on a performance report. This pte class session gives you the tips and tricks on how to achieve the maximum desired score.

    For more inforamtion check this infographics out.

    PTE classes for Professional year student

    If you have an excellent PTE score or communication skills, you have a great employment opportunity in Australia. IT companies are a very competitive area so having superior English scores and communication skills is an advantage when applying for a job application. In IT companies, having excellent communication is essential for the Australian workplace.

    If you have a superior score then you get extra points for your permanent residency. After successfully completing a professional year course it gives you 5 migration points and leads toward permanent residency. PTE academics are accepted by the Australian government for their permanent residency application.

    Focused on Weakest section

    PTE is all about learning from mistakes and getting motivated from achievements. Improving and learning about the weakest section is the biggest comeback on PTE. Scoring a superior score in all of the sections is the toughest part so knowing your weakest subject areas will help you to improve on them and rectify them. Understanding all of the questions which are comfortable and difficult ones will make you prepared and stressless. Always have a clear mindset on how to tackle a tough question and be pro at it. Practicing regularly and challenging yourself will improve for a long term goal.

    Time management and focus are the key points for PTE. Time management comes with regular practice and concentration. Staying alert and concentrating on each and every section of PTE will lead to getting a high PTE score.

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