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Internship Programs For International Students In Australia

A degree from an Australian education provider is a dream for many aspiring international students. It opens countless global opportunities for graduates – whether it be pursuing further studies or applying for jobs in the field of study. However, when it comes to applying for jobs in bigger organizations, is the degree enough? At times it may be, but there are chances that preference is given to those with previous work experience. And when a graduate is looking for job opportunities in Australia, local experience matters the most. So what can a graduate do to add that relevant local experience to their CV? The answer is INTERNSHIP!

Internships provide a competitive edge to graduates in today’s competitive job market by giving them exposure to the real work environment and developing the necessary skills required to stand out. In addition to making oneself visible to the recruiters, internships help to:

  • Gain real-world exposure
  • Establish and grow professional networks
  • Explore career path
  • Develop soft skills
  • Learn about own strengths and weaknesses
  • Transition into a full-time job

So, how can international students apply for internships? What internship programs are available for international students in Australia? Let’s have a look:

  1. The internship offered by universities and colleges

The majority of universities and colleges in Australia offer internships as additional programs for international students. This is different from the mandatory placements offered in courses such as nursing and cookery, which include practical components in their courses. International students can choose whether to undertake the internship after the completion of their studies. In addition, some institutions offer internship placements at big organisations such as PWC. The students must complete an application form to submit their internship interests. The universities will place them in their partner organizations based on their field of study and interest.

  1. The internship offered as a part of the Professional Year course

Professional Year course is offered to the graduates of Accounting, IT and Engineering students in Australia. One of the key components is this program is the mandatory internship. It is the PY provider’s obligation to place each PY student in their partner organization for a 12-week internship program. If a student is already working in the relevant field, s/he has the option to turn their current work into internships.

  1. The internship offered by employers

There are times where Australian organizations open internship positions for recent graduates. For example, it is normal for taxation businesses to hire international students as interns for a certain amount of time during the tax season, depending upon the nature of the work. The international students need to apply for such internship programs themselves.

  1. Internship program managed by independent organisations

Several organizations in Australia work with host companies to place international students in various internship programs. While some companies directly place students as interns in organizations (after completing the application process), other companies require international students to undertake a few weeks of courses before placement.

International students can learn so much about themselves during the internship tenure, and their capabilities are tested in the real work environment. Not only do they meet other interns with similar interests, but they can also meet professionals in their career fields. Furthermore, the recommendations that students can get for their work can act as catalysts when applying for their preferred jobs. Moreover, there have been cases students have been able to convert their internships into jobs!

Whether it is an internship provided by the university, organized by a third party, or offered directly by the employer, the experience gained as an intern is as valuable as the degree earned. If your university or college offers the internship program, do not forget to apply for it and grab the opportunity. If no internships are available via your university, don’t worry, as we have you covered. Based on your study area and interest, we can assist in finding the best-fitted internship program for you. Just provide your details, and we will reach out to you.

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