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Top Countries for international students to work and study

As data shows we know that most of the international students thrive to travel abroad. They travel to foreign countries for better opportunities and their future. Most of the students are attracted by the accommodation, warm welcome, medical facilities, top education system, infrastructures and global recognition. With updating technology students want to upgrade their way of thinking and living. Among all the countries like Canada, UK and Australia has been on top list of students when it comes for travelling abroad.

Annually lots of international students migrate as students. Most of them have dreams of settling down as permanent resident and enjoy the environment these country provide. As all of the jobs are praised and equalized students get motivated to become the part of industry sectors. Starting from a part time jobs to well qualified jobs students carry on a struggling and learning journey. Studying and working at the same time requires a lot of time and dedication. Students should also choose right country according to their financial status and their future planning.

  1. Australia
jobs in australia

Australia is listed as one of the top destinations for international students. Australia is on number one list while to comes to travel abroad for international students. Global education system, job opportunities, accommodation, friendly environment and vibrant cites are the reasons why international students choose Australia for their further studies. International students have number of Quality University to choose in Australia. Student gets chance to become part of public international celebration and get to learn the international language.

 As every major is welcomed in Australia the country provides easy access to visas as well. Many students get chance to take the internship as well but they need to contact with right institution like Career Consulting Professionals Pty. Ltd for right counselling and guidance. The vibrant city life and wild life in Australia has its own attractiveness. Students and immigrants also get to experience the preserved wild life such as kangaroo, kolas and crocodile. The international language spoken in Australia is English so it becomes easy for anybody to communicate. The main reason why international students choose Australia to study is because of the work opportunities that’s available in Australia.

2. Canada


 After graduating from the university students are allowed to work under post-graduation work permit which further allows students to get their permanent residency. While we talk about the tuition and colleges fees Canada’s universities have low in cost comparative to UK and Australia. International students can witness culture in diversity and breathe taking landscapes with in territories of this beautiful country.

If we talk about another country that’s into to eyes of international students then that’s got to be Canada. Canada’s universities have global recognitions and provide one of the top quality education to their students. International students get to enjoy the same rights and accommodation as of Canadian citizens. The widely spoken language in Canada benefits you on communication with people. Most of the universities in Canada let their student work in internship or part time jobs during their time of studies.

3. UK

UK has been listed as one of the countries where students travel for their better future and carrier. UK is known for quality education provided by one of the top universities in the world. International students are allowed to choose any major or subjects to study within the universities of UK. Yearly UK welcomes thousands of international students from different countries and part of the globes. For international students UK provides the opportunities of getting part time jobs which helps them for their basic needs to support with their university times.

As other countries UK allows students to work 20 hours a week during their time of study. Action are taken if the legal bounds are broken by the students. Government of UK and universities also provide scholarship to the students wanting to come and study in UK. Degree that international students achieve from the universities of UK is valued and is recognized around the world. Experience a unique culture with high quality of learning is why international students choose to study in UK. Every international students wants a chance to grow on safe and supportive country.

Studying and working in a new country means the beginning of new adventure and an unbeatable opportunity to get ahead in your race. Students thrive at their best in order to enhance their carrier and life style. Career Consulting Professionals Pty. Ltd (CCPPL) has been established with the sole objective of providing quality Professional Year (PY) program options to the international graduates. Visit our website for more information.

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