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Cheapest Professional Year (PY) course provider in Australia

Professional Year course is offered to Information Technology (IT), Accounting and Engineering graduates of Australia. This course aims to prepare graduates for a professional career through a unique blend of coursework and internships in their chosen field. With more than ten providers offering this course in Australia, it is no surprise that international students search for the most affordable and cheapest provider to undertake their course. In this article, we present the cheapest PY course options available in the market.

Before we look at the lowest price, let’s find out how the price differs in the market. The course price for different occupation varies with Accounting course at the lowest price point followed by IT, and the Engineering course is the most expensive one. The course price in the same field also differs between the education providers based on their teaching faculty, resource and additional support offered to students, and the internship companies. But wait, this is not the final price that you have to pay. You can still pay a lower price than what is charged by the education providers. Wondering how? Let’s begin with an example here.

You may have used websites and applications such as or Commonwealth bank for shopping for various products with cashback offers. You pay the same price for the products and receive an incentive from the vendors for using their platform for purchase. Ever wondered why they offer such incentives and how they can afford to pay every shopper? These platforms have an agreement with the product companies whereby they are paid a commission on every purchase made from their respective platforms. The more the number of platform users, the more the commission earned. Hence, to increase their platform traffic and earn more commission, these vendors offer a part of their commission to users as an incentive to use their platforms.

Following a similar model, you can find the best price for your PY courses by enrolling via an education agent. Of course, you can enrol with the PY provider yourself, but you will need to pay the full price. The education agents and PY providers have entered an agreement whereby agents are paid commission based on the number of enrolments. As discussed in the previous example, the higher the number of enrolments, the higher the commission for the education agents. As such, education agents also offer their commission share to prospective students to increase their enrolments.

But wait! Not all education agents provide a higher level of customer service and give all available options to choose from. Some agents only care about the commission they receive and ignore the student’s wish. Don’t worry. At CCP, we are committed to providing the best customer service, keeping in mind your preferences and still offer the best cost options to undertake your PY course. 

We partner with leading PY course providers across Australia and can assist you in enrolling at your preferred location. Our PY price starts from the following range:

  1. Information Technology – from $6,999
  2. Accounting – from $3,800
  3. Engineering – from $14,700

The prices will vary depending upon the providers you choose and the location you want to undertake your PY course. If you are still thinking about whether it is worthwhile to do the PY course, the following benefits may help change your mind:

  1. You can claim 5 migration points towards your PR application
  2. The internship prepares you for the professional world, and you can experience the real-work environment before officially entering the corporate world 
  3. It enhances your career prospect and gives you a break in the challenging job market
  4. It is a great networking opportunity to know industry professionals

Now that you have decided to start your PY course, the only thing you need to do is get in touch with a trusted education agent such as CCP to sort your enrolment. Whether it is a cost advantage or internship opportunities you are looking for, we can enrol you at your preferred institution. 

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