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Benefits of Professional Year (PY) Program

Thousands of international students come to Australia every year to fulfill their study abroad dreams. Home to the world’s best universities, Australia offers varied course options to aspiring students to excel in their chosen field. To support the graduates of Information Technology, Engineering, and Accounting fields, which are three popular and in-demand professions, the Australian government introduced the Professional Year Program to fulfill the skilled workers’ gap in the ecosystem. While many graduates may be familiar with only a few advantages of undertaking the course, there are many benefits of the PY program. Let’s have a look at these benefits one by one.

Offered to the graduates of IT, Engineering and Accounting course, the PY program comes with the following benefits:

  1. 5 points towards PR application

The most important benefit for all those looking to apply for Australian PR is that completing the PY program grants you the valuable 5 migration points.

  1. Skills assessment

You cannot start your PR application unless you have your skills assessed by the relevant bodies in your nominated occupation. For IT graduates, this is an alternative to having a one-year work experience post-graduation. For accounting graduates, you can get your full skills assessment upon completion of the PY course.

  1. Internship

Taken often lightly, the internship is one of the most beneficial components offered by the PY course. It is a mandatory requirement for course completion, and your PY provider is responsible for finding you an internship. If you are already working in your nominated field, you can have your work assessed to meet the internship requirements. The experience gained in this internship period adds great value to your CV, and there are occasions where applicants have been able to convert this opportunity into jobs.

  1. Building professional network

During your course duration, you will have ample opportunities to meet professionals in your field and build a strong network with people having the same interests and goals as yours.

  1. Develop Workplace communication skills

Excellent communication skill is one of the important criteria that employers look for when hiring an employee. Understanding client’s needs, actively listening to their concerns, showing empathy, and being culturally sensitive are some of the key factors of effective communication. The Professional Year course helps you develop these essential workplace communication skills.

  1. Develop interview skills

Interviews can be daunting for many of us, and not knowing how to answer the interview questions appropriately can lead to rejections even if you were qualified for the job. By undertaking the Professional Year course, you will develop the skills and knowledge required to successfully participate in the interview and master the job selection process. You will learn how to brand yourself, enhance your presence, prepare general interviews questions, anticipate possible questions based on job descriptions, and learn follow-up techniques.

  1. Job application tips

Every advertised job will have different requirements that an applicant needs to meet to be considered for the position. When applying for a job, just meeting the criteria is not enough; you should address all the required selection criteria and explain why you are suitable for the position. You should also tailor your CV and cover letter for each job application. The PY course helps develop the skills and knowledge required to tailor your job application for a specific role.

Am I eligible to do the PY course?

Professional Year course is a 44 weeks program with 12 weeks of internship component embedded in the course. If you meet the following requirements, you can undertake the PY course:

  • You are an Australian university graduate (Bachelors or Masters degree) in the fields of Accounting, IT and Engineering.
  • You have applied for or have at least 12 months remaining on a 485 visa.
  • You meet the English requirement of overall 6.0 and each band 6.0 in IELTS or equivalent. (IELTS overall 6.0 with no less than 5.0 in each band or equivalent for Engineering)
  • For Accounting and Engineering, you have a valid skills assessment from relevant assessment bodies.

In conclusion, from giving an overview of the Australian workplace to equipping you with skills, knowledge, and experience, the PY program helps you transition to your professional life smoothly. Now that you know all the benefits of undertaking the Professional Year program wait no longer to start your course. Our experienced team can assist you in enrolling in your preferred provider at the lowest price. Just provide your details, and we will reach out to you.

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