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Benefits of ACS Professional Year (PY) course in Canberra

Before we discuss the benefits of undertaking the Professional Year (PY) IT course in Canberra, let’s look at what a ‘Professional Year’ course is. The Professional Year (PY) Program is designed for international accounting, information technology and engineering graduates to pave a pathway into the Australian workforce and increase their employability. It is a job-ready program that equips you with the skills necessary to launch a successful career in Australia. Completing the course also grants you 5 points towards your permanent residence (PR) application.

Which cities are the ACS PY courses offered?

The Professional Year course is offered in all major cities of Australia. The locations include Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra, Darwin and Perth. Structured as 32 weeks of coursework and 12 weeks of internship, the ACS PY course is offered by QIBA, Navitas Professional, Performance Education, Education Centre of Australia (ECA), and other few institutes across the states. 

What are the advantages of the ACS PY course?

  1. First and foremost, completing the PY IT course will help you get a full skills assessment from the Australian Computer Society. Only with this assessment will you be able to apply for Australian PR through point-tested visas categories. 
  2. Second, you can claim five (5) points towards your PR application as specified by the Department of Home Affairs (DOHA). 
  3. Third, you will develop additional employability skills that Australian employers seek in the graduates. The internship component embedded in the course provides you with an opportunity to work with reputed host companies and pave a pathway to a successful career.  Depending upon your performance, the host company may offer you a job after completion of the internship. This experience also is an excellent value-addition to your CV.

So what is so special about Canberra?

As you can see, by just competing the ACS PY course (from any location), you gain many advantages in terms of developing your career and applying for a permanent visa in Australia. So what is it that is so special about Canberra? Why travel to Canberra when you can just complete the course from the city you currently live in? What additional benefits can you get?

You must be aware that Australia’s current migration scenario favours more regional areas and regional centres than major metropolitan cities. This means that there are more opportunities and pathways available for international students to apply for their permanent visas. Canberra is one such regional cities that have more to offer to its temporary residents. 

One of the pathways available in Canberra is that international students may be eligible to  apply for a subclass 190 visa if they fulfil one of the following requirements (in addition to meeting the basic requirements):

  1. Completion of a one year course in Canberra
  2. At least six months employment in the nominated occupation

Please note that you must also meet the following basic requirements:

  1. Skills assessment in the nominated occupation list (E.g. programmer, web developer, ICT security analyst)
  2. Meet the English Language requirements
  3. Must have live in Canberra for at least one year

The ACT government has confirmed that undertaking the Professional Year course in Canberra will meet the one-year study requirement. What this means for you is that not only will you be able to have your full skills assessment done and claim 5 points for PR application, you will also be able to apply for a 190 visa after the completion of your PY course. Comparing it with the requirements for a subclass 491 visa in the ACT and Hobart, you save a potential four years of your time. This option is the fastest way for ICT graduates to get their Australian Permanent Residency.

Now that you know of the additional benefits of undertaking your ACT PY course in Canberra contact our experienced team without any delays and start your PY application ASAP.

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