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About Career Consulting Professionals Pty. Ltd (CCPPL)

Career Consulting Professionals Pty. Ltd (CCPPL) has been established with the sole objective of providing quality Professional Year (PY) program options to the international graduates. Professional Year course is offered to the graduates of Accounting, Information Technology and Engineering programs and we have partnered with top PY course providers such as Education Centre of Australia (ECA), Queensland International Business Academy (QIBA), Navitas, Accountants Resource Centre (ARC), Stanley College and Australian Technical and Management College (ATMC) to deliver the best options to our clients.

Every PY provider are unique on their own; they have their own strengths and unique selling points. Drawing from the experience of our team from over the years, we assist our clients in choosing the right provider based on their needs and career aspirations. Having established a successful long-term relationship with our PY partner means that we are offered higher value than our competitors and we are able to pass on additional benefits to our clients.

Why choose us?

CCPPL has been delivering the best value PY course options to international graduates for several years. Our strengths include:

  • We have established strong partnerships with the leading professional year providers across Australia.
  • We offer the best value PY course options to our clients.
  • We provide the right information, assisting our clients to make an informed decision in choosing the best PY provider and maximise their professional employment opportunities.
  • We manage your application process end-to-end from course enrolment and provider selection to application and liaising for your offer. We do this for FREE.
  • We provide high-quality post enrolment service throughout the Professional Year Program
  • To serve a diverse base of customers, we provide our services from eight locations in Australia: Sydney (head-office), Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Parramatta, Gold Coast & Canberra

We understand that recent graduates are the next generation of professionals in Australia and we are committed to helping them develop stronger workplace skills. We have already assisted over 10,000 clients to enrol into the PY course. If you are considering starting your PY course, CCPPL is the best place to start your PY journey.

After the completion of the PY course, graduates can claim five (5) points towards their residency application as specified by the Department of Home Affairs (DHA).
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